Look On The Light Side | Design Within Reach

Pale hues, airy furniture, and uncluttered surfaces create the cool,
calming look we crave in summer.


Bright spots


Outdoor organization

Modular String Galvanized Shelving has ladder-like sides that let you move shelves easily as needed, and in galvanized steel can live outdoors. String Shelving also comes in many powder-coated steel configurations for every room of your home.

DWR-exclusive dining

Edel Grand Table
Bacco Chair
Cross Extension Table
Kin Side Chair
Lina Swivel Dining Chair
Profile Chair
Dulwich Rectangular
Extension Table
Wishbone Chair
with Leather Seat

Real life/work spaces

Studio visit with artist Scott Sueme

Vancouver-based artist Scott Sueme does it all — from building the wood panels he paints on to experimenting with composition on his computer to painting — in a studio with no natural light.

Composing a home

Musician Andrew Bird and his wife, fashion designer Katherine Tsina have designed a Los Angeles home that nurtures creativity and flexibly accommodates work, concerts, study, and play.

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