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Everything you
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Experts Choose SimpliSafe Home Security
Named “Best Home Security overall” 
by US News & World Report, and awarded 
by Popular Mechanics and more.

Live professional alerts
Their monitoring staff calls you when trouble is 
detected and stays with you until it’s solved.

Dispatch faster with Visual Verification
Adding Visual Verification to your monitoring plan 
lets them verify your alarm is real so police can 
dispatch faster.

It’s a lot less expensive
They cut out the middlemen and markup so you
get more security for less—with no contract.

Prepared for the unexpected
Lose power? Lose Wi-Fi? Someone attacks the
system? Natural disaster? SimpliSafe is ready.

Protects against fires and water damage
More than just intruders—their pros monitor
against leaks, floods, fires, and more.

Keep an eye inside and out
With HD security cameras for indoors and
out, see what’s happening all the time.

Designed to disappear
From the tiny size of their sensors to easy
one-touch control means you’ll never notice
your security system.

Detects people, ignores pets
Motion sensors use a precision
human-form detection algorithm.

How it works

#1 – Choose your security sensors. They’ll walk you
through exactly what your home needs and
ship it to your front door in under a week.

#2 – Set it up in just a few minutes—no tools
needed—or let one of their pros do it for you.

#3 – Sensors guard all your rooms and entry points.
If there’s trouble, their monitoring center will call
you and, if needed, dispatch authorities.

More Reasons to Choose SimpliSafe

Arm/disarm from anywhere

Forgot to arm your system? Need
to let someone in? Do it right from
your phone anytime.

(Almost) never change 
your batteries

Batteries last for almost a decade 
in their entry sensors— the best 
lifespan in the industry (battery life may vary based on use).

Custom alerts for
friends and family

Set up text alerts so friends and
family stay in the know.

“Alexa, arm my system”

Use your system with Alexa,
Google Assistant, August Locks,
Apple Watch and more.

Keep an eye on cabinets,
safes and more

Secret Alerts quietly alert you if
someone accesses private areas,
without sounding an alarm.

Duress PIN

If someone forces you to disarm
your system, your Duress PIN will
secretly alert the authorities.

Customized for your home

They’ll customize the right system
for your home’s needs.

Incredible range

Many wireless security systems 
struggle to cover your entire 
house. SimpliSafe can cover
large homes with ease.

Meet the System

Base Station

The brains. Comes with a built-in cell
connection to rapidly alert their
emergency dispatch center.

Try It. Test It. Love It or Return It.

Test SimpliSafe in your home for
60 days. Your system arrives ready
to work. No drilling or tools
needed. If you aren’t 100%
satisfied, return it for a full refund
(they’ll even pay return shipping).



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