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#1 top trending destination

The Big Island


You’re going to love the Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island is quintessential beach living. From tropical fruit to tropical drinks, a trip here puts you in permanent vacation mode.

The Big Island is great for beach, relaxation & nature.

Hacker Tip

While you’re there for the sun, Hawaii’s thriving coffee culture will keep you going. Start your day with a cup of the bold, strong roast – like a chocolatey Typica — at a waterside coffee shop.

#2 top trending destination



You’re going to love Madrid

Spain’s capital is an extraordinary city. Culturally dynamic, bursting with creativity and exuberance, it’s a haven for clubbers, music fans, and art lovers. But it also has much to offer more relaxed vacationers.

Madrid is great for culture, food & sightseeing.

Hacker Tip

Try tapas, wine, and other local flavors at one of Madrid’s many mercados or markets. The most well-known of these informal dining halls is Mercado San Miguel.

#3 top trending destination

San Juan

Puerto Rico

You’re going to love San Juan

A fascinating historical site, a tropical beach paradise, a world center for cocktail making, and one of the most welcoming cities in the Caribbean – it’s amazing that more people haven’t discovered San Juan.

San Juan is great for beach,
culture & nightlife.

Hacker Tip

Head to La Placita on a Friday night when the produce market closes and the crowds from nearby bars and restaurants spill into the street for a lively, fun atmosphere.

#4 top trending destination



You’re going to love Barcelona

The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, Barcelona could well be the ideal destination for a European urban getaway. This historic, artistic, gastronomic, sporting hub is full of great food and attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Barcelona is great for food,
culture & art.

Hacker Tip

With overtourism being a very real issue in Barcelona and so many travelers flooding in during peak season, we suggest visiting during the slower, winter months for a more local experience (also you will likely save money, a nice bonus).

#5 top trending destination

San José del Cabo


You’re going to love San José del Cabo

When you think of Los Cabos, you might immediately think of the party vibe of Cabo San Lucas. If you want pretty white sand beaches, but less EDM and fewer tequila shots, you’ll love San Jose del Cabo.

San José del Cabo is great for relaxation & beach.

Hacker Tip

A 30-minute drive from the touristy Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo is its more laidback cousin. You’ll find pretty views, a historic center and miles of white sand beaches.

#6 top trending destination



You’re going to love Athens

There aren’t many places in the world that can claim as much historical importance as Athens. The cradle of democracy. Home to the first theater. A center of philosophy. Athens has a lot to live up to, and it does so brilliantly.

Athens is great for sightseeing, history, culture & food.

Hacker Tip

While there are so many temples worth your time, the Temple of Poseidon is often less busy than some of the others. It also boasts one of the best sunset views in the country, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

#7 top trending destination



You’re going to love Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is one of Europe’s most exciting destinations. This may be due to its youthful, creative population, or it could be the gourmet and artistic renaissance that the city is undergoing. Or perhaps it’s the blend of superb museums and historical attractions. Whatever the reason, Lisbon will captivate everyone who visits.

Lisbon is great for culture,
sightseeing & art.

Hacker Tip

Get lost in the Alfama district’s maze of pretty, narrow streets where you’ll find indie shops, restaurants, and hidden plazas. But wear your walking shoes: the city’s many steps and steep inclines can be a workout.

#8 top trending destination

Saint Thomas

U.S. Virgin Islands

You’re going to love Saint Thomas

Travel passport-free to a paradise of beaches, seafood, snorkeling, and golf. And while people are catching on, it’s still not as popular as some other Caribbean spots, which means fewer tourists.

Saint Thomas is great for beach, relaxation & history.

Hacker Tip

Climb the “99 Steps” (there are actually 103, but who’s counting?) built from the remnants of Danish tall ships. At the top, catch the view from the summit of Government Hill.

#9 top trending destination

Key West


You’re going to love Key West

If you love tropical sunshine, gourmet seafood, water sports, fishing, shopping, and cocktail bars, Key West is definitely the destination for you.

Key West is great for beach, nightlife & relaxation.

Hacker Tip

Catch the iconic Key West sunset from Mallory Square, where it’s a daily celebration that starts 2 hours before sunset with music, art, and food.

#10 top trending destination



You’re going to love London

London is welcoming, full of history, and constantly changing, making it an exciting place for young couples, families, and solo travelers alike.

London is great for culture & sightseeing.

Hacker Tip

London’s subway aka “the Tube” is the best way to get around the city. Get yourself an Oyster Card at the airport or any tube stop and download the free map app, and you’ll be getting around like a local in no time.